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Air Conditioner Compressor Services

Air Conditioner Compressor Services

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The compressor on your Florida air conditioner is the first stop for the refrigerant. Inside the compressor, the refrigerant is compressed from a low-pressure, cool gas into a high pressure, hot gas. The refrigerant is then moved into the condenser to cool. If the compressor begins to malfunction, your FL air conditioner will not be able to cool the air that comes into your home. The compressor cannot function correctly due to a few reasons, these include:

    • Bad Capacitor
    • Clog Or Leak In The Refrigerant Line
    • Poor Electrical Connections
    • Faulty Compressor
    • Poor Installation
    • Age

Why A Compressor Problem Cannot Be Ignored

Since your Florida compressor is vital to ensuring a cool, comfortable home, any problems with the compressor itself cannot be ignored. If your compressor is still working, but your energy bills are rising, the issue will only get worse until the malfunction is fixed. In the worst-case scenario, your compressor can fail to function completely, leaving you with a huge problem.

How Are Compressors Repaired?

Our hand-selected, passionate, air conditioning technicians are trained on the most up-to-date and state of the art a/c tools and technologies to know how to repair and diagnose compressor problems. Here is how we handle common compressor issues:

    • Bad Capacitor- The capacitor in the compressor helps give it the boost of power it needs to start working. If you have a bad Florida capacitor, your compressor will not receive the necessary power. We will replace the capacitor and test the compressor.
    • Clog Or Leak in the Refrigerant Line- The compressor cannot work if an insufficient amount of refrigerant is not present. We will check the lines and repair any leaks or clogs that we encounter.
    • Poor Electrical Connections– If the connections to the compressor are not sound, the compressor may only function intermittently or constantly. We will check all of the connections and ensure that your FL compressor is functioning properly.
    • Faulty Compressor- If your unit has a faulty Florida compressor; it may be due to poor maintenance or a recall on the compressor. We will test the compressor to determine if it is faulty and replace it as needed.
    • Poor Installation- Improper installation can wreak havoc on your air conditioning unit. We will check to make sure that the installation is correct and make any necessary adjustments or replacements.
    • Age- Your compressor works hard to cool air in your home. Overtime, it can break down and deteriorate. If this is the case, replacing the compressor with a new model can often solve your problem.

With every repair, we will check to make sure your Florida a/c unit is functioning correctly and provide you with any guarantee or guarantee paperwork that you are entitled to receive.

To work with the one company that continues to set the standard for Florida Air Conditioner Compressor Services, call us today at 888.290.1226 to make an appointment.