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AC Tune Up

AC Tune Up

Your air conditioner is just like any other appliance, it needs regular maintenance to stay in good working condition. You should not trust your air conditioner to just anyone. The right choice for any Treasure Coast home or business owner is Miranda Air Conditioning Services. We have over 30 years of air conditioning experience and are reliable, trustworthy and honest.

About Air Conditioning Tune Ups in the Treasure Coast Area

An air conditioning tune-up is a full inspection and servicing of your unit. At Miranda Air Conditioning Services, our AC Tune-Ups include a 47-point inspection. During your air conditioning tune-up, we check the following components:

Air Handler (Indoor Unit)

    • Evaporator coil fins and condition
    • Evaporator cooling coil for restrictions
    • Clean evaporator coil surface if accessible
    • Condensate drain pan cleaning
    • Condensate drain line treatment and vacuum
    • Condensate drain pan add algae tablets
    • Check condensate overflow safety switches
    • Disinfect interior cabinet insulation and coil
    • Expansion valve/metering device and blub
    • Electric heater, voltage and amperage
    • Electric heater air temperature rise
    • Blower motor circuit boards
    • Blower motor fan relay
    • Blower motor run capacitor
    • Blower motor amperage draw
    • Verify blower wheel condition and balance
    • Verify all breaker/fuse/wiring sizes to NEC codes
    • Return air filter and advise
    • Thermostat/humidistat operation
    • Indoor temperature/relative humidity
    • Verify proper air duct sizes for optimum air flow

Condenser (Outdoor Unit)

    • Check condenser coil fins and condition
    • Flush outdoor condenser unit
    • Compressor run capacitor
    • Compressor start capacitor
    • Compressor potential relay
    • Compressor time delay relay
    • Compressor contactor relay
    • Compressor amperage draw
    • Condenser fan motor blade setting/balance
    • Condenser fan motor run capacitor
    • Condenser fan motor amperage draw
    • Heat pump control circuit board
    • Heat pump reversing valve
    • Heat pump suction accumulator
    • Heat pump expansion valve
    • Electrical disconnect wiring/verify voltage
    • All electrical connections high/low voltage
    • Verify all breaker/fuse/wiring sizes to NEC codes
    • Refrigerant lines
    • Suction and liquid line temperatures
    • Refrigerant checked to factory specs
    • System check to current code
    • Overall equipment condition

What Are The Benefits of an AC Tune-Up in the Treasure Coast Area?

Most Florida residents have always had air conditioning of some kind in their homes. After years of using an air conditioner, you may be wondering why an AC Tune-up is now something you should have done on an annual basis. Your air conditioner is made to last anywhere from 15 to 20 years, however, that life span is based on an air conditioner that has been maintained regularly. Over time the components of your air conditioner breaks down and begin experiencing problems. If these problems go unnoticed or are ignored, they can turn into expensive repairs and possibly a replacement of your unit. With an annual air conditioning tune-up, you can avoid some of the problems that commonly plague air conditioners. Your annual appointment can catch small problems before they result in a failure of your system and costly repairs.

You would not run your car for thousands of miles without a checkup; treat your air conditioner the same way. Call Miranda Air Conditioning Services today.