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Air Conditioning Air Handler Services

Air Conditioning Air Handler Services

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If your Florida air handler is no longer working, you notice that your air handler is constantly running or you know that your air handler needs service; you need to call a technician right away for this is the moment that you need the very best Florida air conditioning air handler services. This is when you need Miranda Air Conditioning Services.

Air handlers help move the air through your ductwork, providing you with a cool home environment. Air handlers can have several things go wrong including:

    • Faulty Blower
    • Bad Electrical Connections
    • Damaged Coils
    • Dirty, Clogged Or Wrong Sized Air Filter
    • Age

Ignoring An Air Handler Problem

air conditioning repairs mirandaIgnoring an air handler problem in Florida can be catastrophic. Having your air handler serviced is not something that can or should be put off. If your FL air handler is not functioning, then the air conditioner cannot work properly, meaning all of the other components such as a compressor or condenser will have to work overtime. This can cause damage to more than just your air handler, leading to costly repairs.

How Are Air Handler Problems Addressed?

    • Faulty Blower– The blower moves the air through your ductwork and into your home. Bad wiring, damaged capacitors or fins can all lead to the handler not working correctly. We will diagnose your blower and make any necessary repairs.
    • Bad Electrical Connections– If an electrical connection is loose or faulty it can cause the handler to continuously operate, regardless of the temperature in your home or cause intermittent operation. We will fix any poor connections and test the handler to ensure the repair was successful.
    • Damaged Or Dirty Coils– The coils within your air conditioner work to cool the air as it passes over them. If the coils are damaged or dirty, the air cannot cool efficiently. We will clean the coils and replace any damage we find.
    • Dirty, Clogged or Wrong Sized Air Filter– Before the air enters your home; it needs to pass through an air filter. If you fail to change your air filter or if the air filter is the wrong size, the air will not be able to pass into your home efficiently. We will change the air filters and fix any damage caused by the clogged filter.
    • Age– As with anything, air handler has a useful life. If you are constantly making repairs or if you know that, your air handler is older than 20 years it is time to consider replacement.

The moment you know you need Florida Air Conditioning Air Handler Services is the moment you call Miranda Air Conditioning Services at 888.290.1226 to make an appointment.