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Air Conditioning Blower Motor Services

Air Conditioning Blower Motor Services

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The blower in your Florida air conditioner system pushes air to your home after it has been cooled. The blower is vital to getting your home to a comfortable temperature, but as with any electrical component, it can have some problems which is precisely why having the best Florida air conditioning blower motor services experts at the ready 24/7/365 is so critical. Some of the symptoms you may be experiencing are:

    • A Humming Sound
    • Intermittent Operation
    • No Cold Air Coming Into The Home
    • Stops Running After A Few Hours
    • You Can Hear The Fan Outside But No Cool Air Is Moving To Your Home

Blower Fan Complications

Blower Motor ServicesIf you ignore a blower fan issue, such as intermittent operation, the longer you leave it the more expensive the problem can be to repair. If you fail to repair your blower motor in a timely manner, the lack of airflow through the system can cause the other components to overheat and breakdown.

Blower Motor Repair Options

We can help get your blower motor working once again. Here is how we fix the most common blower fan problems:

    • A Humming Sound– A humming or buzzing sound coming from your blower motor typically means it is receiving power but the blades are not turning. This can be due to a faulty capacitor, relay switch or a bad motor shaft. We will test the motor to determine the cause and replace the faulty component.
    • Intermittent Operation– Intermittent operation can mean that the motor is overheating due to a faulty motor or that the relay is not working. A bad motor will typically need to be replaced while a faulty rely can be repaired to fix the issue.
    • No Cold Air Coming Into The Home– Lack of cold air means that the blower motor is not working at all. This can be due to a bad connection, broken motor or faulty relay. We will test the motor to determine why it is not functioning and make the necessary repair.

We will ensure your blower motor is functioning correctly and provide you with any warranty or guarantee information.

The moment you know you need Florida Air Conditioning Blower Motor Services is the moment you call Miranda Air Conditioning Services at 888.290.1226 to make an appointment.