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Florida Air Conditioning Filter Changes

Florida Air Conditioning Filter Changes

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If your air conditioner is having problems with keeping your home cool or working harder than you think is necessary, it may be time for a filter change for your Florida air conditioning unit. If you have questions about the type of filter that will work best for your family or if you are uncomfortable with handling the filter change yourself, call Miranda Air Conditioning Services. We have over 33 years of experience and are the favorite air conditioning contractor of your friends and neighbors from Fort Pierce all the way down to Miami.

About Air Conditioning Filters in the Treasure Coast Area

Faulty Florida air conditioners can be far more than a headache…in some cases, they can be fatal.

Air Conditioning FilterYour Florida air conditioning filter is one of the least expensive, yet most important components of your air conditioner. The air filter helps catch pollutants, dust, dander, bacteria and more air borne debris before it enters your home. The air that enters your home can severely affect the health of your family. If your air filter is of subpar quality or if you operate your air conditioner without a filter, you are allowing dangerous items such as mold, mildew, rodent feces, airborne illness and dust into your home. Your air filter does not only protect the residents of your home or business, it also protects the components of your air conditioner. When you fail to change your air filter, the dust and other debris that are usually caught by the filter can attach themselves to your evaporator coils, effecting their ability to absorb heat. With regular filter changes, you can lower your air conditioner’s energy consumption by 5 to 15%.

Your need to change your Florida air conditioning filter every four to six weeks, even more frequently if you have any members of your household with dust allergies.

The Different Types of Air Conditioning Filters

There are many different types of air conditioning filters on the market today. Most Florida air conditioning filters are rated using the MERV or Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value rating. This rating measures the filters ability to capture and hold onto particles of a particular size, measured in microns. The rating ranges from 0 to 16 for home applications. A filter with a 0-4 rating on the MERV scale will filter out particles that measure larger than 10 microns. While many of the disposable air filters on the market today fall in the 0-4 rating, there are other affordable filters that range from 6-16 on the MERV scale. The type of filter you choose for your home is dependent on your individual needs. If you have members of your home with allergies or a compromised immune system, a higher MERV rating is preferable.

The moment you know you need Florida Air Conditioning Filter Changes is the moment you call Miranda Air Conditioning Services at 888.290.1226 to make an appointment. Do not live another moment without changing your filters.