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Air Conditioning Heat Pump Service

Air Conditioning Heat Pump Service

 Air Conditioning Heat Pump Service Florida

Florida heat pumps, while very efficient in heating and cooling your Sunshine State home, can experience several problems during their useful life. The most common problems we see in heat pumps are:

    • Compressor Malfunction
    • Condenser Problems
    • Frozen Drain Lines
    • Defective Or Dirty Evaporator Coils
    • Faulty Blowers
    • Damaged Or Defective Fans
    • Burned Wires
    • No Cool Air Coming Into The Home Or Business

Deciding to Repair Your Heat Pump

heat pumpIf you ignore the small issues you may be seeing from your Florida heat pump, you could be setting yourself up for a complete system failure. When none of the components are working correctly in your heat pump, it causes the other parts of your system to work harder.

For example, if your fan is damaged, it will not be as efficient in cooling your home, which means that your heat pump may have to run longer to cool your home to the desired temperature. This constant running can overwork the other parts of your Florida a/c system and cause them to breakdown as well.

Addressing an air conditioning problem in Florida as soon as it occurs is vital to making sure your heat pump can be serviced and repaired and keeping your repair bills at a reasonable rate.

How Florida Heat Pump Problems Are Addressed

We are able to repair all types of FL heat pumps and have the knowledge and equipment to diagnose all types of problems. Here is how we will handle your heat pump repair:

Compressor Malfunction- The compressor moves the refrigerant through your system to cool the air. A compressor may be malfunctioning due to poor electrical components or defective parts. We will diagnose the compressor and replace the damaged component, or the entire compressor if needed.

Condenser Problems- The condenser condenses the refrigerant before it is pushed into the evaporator coils. If the condenser fails, the refrigerant will not be able to cool the air that surrounds the coils. Faulty wiring and dirty coils are the most common cause of condenser problems. We will check the condenser to determine the cause of the problem and replace the entire condenser, fix the bad connections or clean the coils depending on the exact issue.

Frozen Lines- If your heat pump is dirty or is running constantly, your lines may freeze. We will determine the cause of the frozen line and repair that problem. The repair could be cleaning the heat pump, replacing filters or replacing the capacitor.

Defective Or Dirty Evaporator Coils- Dirty evaporator coils prevent the cooled refrigerant from cooling the air that is blown into your home. We will clean the coils and check for any leaks or kinks.

Faulty Blowers- The blower moves the air after it has been cooled into your home. If the blower has a bad connection, faulty capacitor or other malfunction, you will not receive cool air. We will inspect the blower and replace it or the part that is damaged.

Damaged Or Defective Fans- A fan that is not functioning will not be able to start the heat pump and cool the air. Over time fan blades can deteriorate or the capacitor, that power the fan can fail. We will inspect the fan and make any repairs or replacements as necessary.

Burned Wires- Wires connect all of the components in your air conditioning unit together. They can become damaged due to a power surge, rodent activity or poor installation. We will replace the damaged wires and check all connections.

To address your most pressing Florida Air Conditioning Heat Pump Service issues, call us today at 888.290.1226 to make an appointment.