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Air Conditioning Maintenance

Air Conditioning Maintenance

Heating and Cooling Maintenance FL

Faulty air conditioning systems in Florida can be life threatening under the worst of conditions. Your air conditioner is just like a car or truck, in order to keep the unit running smoothly; it needs to have annual maintenance. Without annual maintenance on your Florida a/c unit , you could have a massive problem on your hands. When you need it the most, say on the hottest day of the year, your air conditioning system in Florida could just stop working all together; causing you to be both left helpless.

What Can Happen Without Proper A/C Maintenance?

Besides avoiding a complete Florida air conditioner system failure, without annual air conditioning maintenance your air conditioner can start to experience the following problems:

    • Refrigerant Leaks
    • Drain Pan Clogs
    • Damaged Wires
    • Dirty Air Filters
    • Dirty Evaporator Coils
    • Frozen Lines
    • Bad Electrical Connections
    • Poor Temperature Regulations
    • Faulty Fan, Compressor Or Condenser

That is why it is crucial to call Miranda Air Conditioning; we can help you avoid these costly problems and keep your air conditioner running for years to come when we perform an annual air conditioner tune-up in Florida.

Schedule Your Florida Air Conditioner Tune-Up

Heating and Cooling Maintenance FLAn air conditioner tune-up is an annual service that we perform for our customers. All major air conditioning manufacturers recommend this service, and the appointment includes a complete and extensive evaluation of your air conditioner. During the tune-up appointment, our technicians will address the outside unit, the condenser and compressor, and the inside component of the ductwork, evaporator coils and blower. Here is a list of the things done during the tune-up:

    • Test And Check Thermostat Calibration
    • Check Refrigerant Pressure And Levels
    • Monitor Air Conditioning Start Up
    • Check Safety Controls
    • Clean Or Replace All Filters
    • Check, Clean And Adjust Blower Components
    • Check For Correct Air Flow From Vents
    • Inspect All Electrical Connections And Tighten As Needed
    • Measure Volts And Amps
    • Inspect And Lubricate Moving Parts
    • Clean And Inspect Condensate Drain
    • Check For Temperature Differences
    • Run An Entire Cooling Cycle
    • Clean And Check Evaporator Coil
    • Check Circuit Breaker For Worn Or Weak Circuits
    • Inspect All Wires To Check For Burned Or Damages Areas
    • Clean Condenser Coils
    • Visually Inspect The Outside Unit For Damage
    • Test Capacitor And Relays
    • Inspect Fan Belts And Blades

If we find any problems during our comprehensive tune-up appointment, we will address them with you and provide our recommendations for repair.

If you’ve reached the point where you know you need Florida Heating and Cooling Maintenance , that is exactly when you need to call Miranda Air Conditioning Services at 888.290.1226 to make appointment.