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Split System AC Installation

Split System AC Installation

When you are deciding on the type of cooling system you want for your home, you may want to consider installing a spit system air conditioner. Besides deciding you are ready for a new cooling system, you also need to decide what contractor to go with for the installation. The right choice for Treasure Coast residents is Miranda Air Conditioning Services. We have been in the air conditioning business for over 30 years and offer the best service and technicians in the area.

About Split System Air Conditioning in the Treasure Coast Area

A spilt system air conditioner includes not only a cooling component but also a heating component, making the system work well for you all year long. Split systems usually contain with an air conditioning unit on the outside of your home and a furnace on the inside of your home. During the warmer months, your thermostat will tell the air conditioning unit to kick in, while in the cooler months, your furnace will be providing the warm air to your home. The system works by pulling warm air out of your home and cooling it by passing it over evaporator coils, and then the blower pushes the cool air into your home and repeats the process. During cool months, the cool air is pulled from the home and heated before returning.

Why Should I Get A Split System AC Unit?

While your air conditioner gets far more use during the year then a heater, there are a few months where being comfortable in your home will not be possible without heat. Some Florida residents rely on space heaters and other methods to warm their home, but these methods can be dangerous. A split system is by far the most efficient way to both heat and cool your home; all of the split system units made today have a SEER rating of at least 13, resulting in lower energy bills.

About Split System Installation in the Treasure Coast Area

When you call Miranda Air Conditioning Services, we will send a technician out as soon as possible. Once at your home, our technicians will inspect your home and current heating and cooling system. We will then present a quote with our recommendations and answer any questions you may have about the split system installation.

Heat and cool your home with an efficient system, call Miranda Air Conditioning Service today.